Enclosure guide


Particularly light, but just as sturdy: this is what the aluminium swimming pool enclosures are like, made with the skills of the COVERTTO specialised technical team, with an extensive and diversified catalogue of solutions that always meet the new needs of a constantly evolving market. Thanks to the load-bearing structures made up of self-supporting modular arches, and especially given the great combination between lightness and strength guaranteed by the structural aluminium  alloy profiles, the telescopic swimming pool enclosures are ideal to protect small, medium size and large swimming pools, both for public and private use, those included in residential settings or activities open to the public, such as wellness centres, gyms, restaurants, spas or residences, where an refreshing dip in the pool can be enjoyed even during a snowfall. Aluminium is highly versatile, so it is ideal to make structures with different sections and thicknesses, well-balanced by the great strength and durability of the stainless steel connecting brackets and the M8 / A2 steel set screws too. With an extensive selection among the various types of shapes (polygonal, round), the aluminium swimming pool enclosures made by COVERTTO always guarantee elegance and excellent resistance to external forces and loads, especially those produced by adverse weather conditions, such as in a heavy snowfall when the weight of snow builds up on the panels of the structure.

The structure and the parts that bring the telescopic swimming pool enclosure to life comply with the most recent European safety standards in all areas and they can be certified by the manufacturer, on request, for the purposes of the Civil Engineering certificate. The wind, the snow and other typical adverse weather conditions, will no longer be a concern thanks to the strong anchoring of the posts of the modules secured to the ground by the special accessories installed, which have been specifically tested for the resistance to the maximum external force. The wall-mounted shaped swimming pool enclosures, have the same characteristics of resistance and strength. They can be set up directly against an external wall of the building, to effectively increase the living space, so large spaces near the swimming pool can be furnished to create a real area of well-being, to enjoy a nice relaxing rest at any time of the day. The transparent panels of the  aluminium telescopic swimming pool enclosures, will simply create an impenetrable barrier between the warm atmosphere, the water of the swimming pool and the weather outside. The structure is extremely practical, it becomes part of the house and it reduces the maintenance work required to a minimum for an outdoor swimming pool. It also guarantees significant energy savings thanks to the natural use of the greenhouse effect. Just like for all the structures produced and sold directly by COVERTTO, which specializes in the after-sales technical assistance as well, a customized project can be requested according to the specific personal needs, and even the colour can be chosen for a better visual impact.