Enclosure guide


Many say that the success of a bar is related to the quality of its espresso coffee. However many more say that not only do they look for the flavour and the aroma of a good coffee in a bar, but also, and especially, a pleasant and friendly atmosphere where they can have a chat with friends around a table.

Increasingly more people go to the bar for brunch, for a quick lunch or snack, and many stop throughout the day to have a quick break. Or stop to have a drink or aperitif in peace in the evening.

Simple consumers don’t exist anymore, but there are countless people who all have their specific needs. The bar is always expanding on its space, making it more flexible, manageable on every occasion so that it is always ready to seize new opportunities.

In line with these new consumer requirements, enclosures for the outside areas of bars are becoming increasingly more popular: they are telescopic systems that open easily to cover and protect the exterior areas of the bar.

Today for anyone who is running a bar, it might seem to be a difficult obstacle to overcome, because they might think they can solve it using traditional means.
When the solution is right over their head, with the bar enclosure.

Fast and immediate solutions that adapt easily to any space-related requirement or modular element, which provide shade from the sun, and from the elements as well, such as the rain, snow and the wind. The bar enclosures are intended to improve the quality of the bar at any time of the year, and make it cosier and more pleasant to stop and have a coffee, a rest or a meal.

Better management of spaces, especially those outdoors, and especially designed to attract new customers, the regulars will be pleasantly surprised by the innovative bar enclosure, while the new customers going past the bar will be charmed by the nice layout of the outdoor areas, and tempted to go in and have something to eat or drink.​

The possibility to revamp outdoor areas with bar enclosures should not be considered as being a problem, but rather as an idea, you just have to look above your head to discover a practical and convenient system that meets all the needs.