Enclosure guide


Technology, design and innovation: this is how the main distinct features of the products made by COVERTTO can be summed up. It is a leading brand in the swimming pool enclosure market. Ever since it made the first telescopic pool enclosure model, the company has specialised and elaborated on its product range. Today, it excels in all aspects in the sector of swimming pool enclosures, whether they are fixed, telescopic, full height, low, for public or private facilities, small, medium or large. The solutions that the professionals of the COVERTTO technical team design and come up with, in line with the instructions given by the customer, are almost infinite. Always guaranteed, whether it is a public or private customer, they have the certainty of getting a product that fully satisfies their specific needs, and therefore something unique and original. If you want to improve the conditions of use and how your swimming pool runs with one of the full height swimming pool enclosures installed, the COVERTTO technical staff are entirely at your disposal to evaluate and prepare the best solution, to provide you with the best product possible and raise the value of the swimming pool installation that you are going to enclose and, at the same time, the whole architectural and landscaped setting that it will blend into. With a customized full height telescopic enclosure, the swimming pool of your dreams takes shape in no time at all. Each season, in summer and in winter, it will be ready so that you can enjoy a day of complete relaxation, of having a lovely warm dip in the pool “outdoors” even in the midst of a storm or perhaps snow, and actually be warm and well protected by the full height telescopic swimming pool enclosure.

The temperature is always ideal, the swimming pool is protected from insects or organic debris from outside, it enhances spaciousness with areas that can be furnished with plants and outdoor decorative accessories: these are just some of the main advantages of having the full height swimming pool enclosures, made by COVERTTO. As well as being ready to use at any time of the year, the full height telescopic swimming pool enclosure, for example, has another important and basic benefit related to economic savings, in particular it drastically cuts down on the maintenance work required to clean the swimming pool and start it up in the spring-summer after not being used in the winter. It is easy to install, there is no need to have a special guide rail on the ground, the full height telescopic swimming pool enclosures stand for maximum practicality, and if you decide to take it off for a certain period of time, it can be stored away easily until it is needed again. Once it has been pulled back, the COVERTTO swimming pool enclosure takes up very little space, and it can be pulled out and used again at any time thanks to a manual or motorized drive system, which makes it slide out easily on polyurethane wheels, as aforementioned, without having to install special guide rails. From the size to the colour, each detail will be studied and assessed with the customer to create the best full height swimming pool enclosure that you could ever wish for!