Enclosure guide


Splendid even if it is just to admire them, and much better when you can actually enjoy their benefits, the in-ground swimming pools are luxury products and they are easily accessible for many. Nowadays the purchase should be evaluated given the excellent competitiveness in the market, and also by the manufacturers of the telescopic swimming pool enclosures. Furthermore, the idea is particularly tempting bearing in mind the installation of the system, and for an in-ground swimming pool enclosure, which is medium sized, it is easy to set up. Chosen to enhance gardens and parks, and especially for your well-being and relaxation, thanks to the special enclosures for in-ground swimming pools, the same systems become, in a few simple steps, a real luxury for all seasons. Properly protected by an efficient and practical custom-built structure to best meet the needs of each case, your swimming pool will always be ready and available for, you, your friends and any guests to enjoy, whenever you want, even during a sudden unexpected storm. Manually or with the help of a special motorized system, the telescopic enclosure for in-ground swimming pools simply slides over the structure creating a protective shield against the external factors, with the maximum visual clarity and brightness guaranteed, without compromising any of the normal benefits of having an outdoor swimming pool, but rather increase them and prolong the time that swimming pool can be used.

In comparison with the normal periods of time that outdoor swimming pools can be used, the enclosures for in-ground swimming pools ensure at least double the use, extending the normal summer season and the months from June to August, to a much longer period of time between March and October, with a considerable increase, almost tripled, of the days that the pool can be used from 90 to 240. The natural use of the greenhouse effect that is created enables you to easily maintain the right water temperature and that of the area surrounding the swimming pool, so that you always have a protected place available to enjoy a good relaxing rest, do some sport, enjoy some leisure time or all of this together! If you then decide to round-off the project by installing a heating system, being able to swim, protected by one of the many models of in-ground swimming pool enclosures, will be a pleasant reality throughout the year. No more earth, insects or objects blown into the pool by the wind, there are great benefits in terms of the savings because you won’t have to clean the pool or invest in its upkeep so often, and another point that is just as important is that it is very practical. Having assessed all the advantages, there is no reason not to decide to complete the in-ground swimming pool with the right enclosure: sturdy, bright, practical, elegant and quality.