Enclosure guide


Throughout the history of mankind any pleasures that have appeared to be exclusively available for the noble elite, have later become a pleasure for many. This was the case for great card games, tennis, golf, but above all the swimming pools. The swimming pools during the Middle Ages were an exclusive prerogative for the emperors. If someone like Charlemagne who boasted of being a good swimmer to keep his imposing physique in shape, often enjoyed going to the swimming pools, it was also because the water did not scorn the company of numerous family members, sons and daughters, along with important figures of the kingdom. On some occasions his imperial guards were even invited to go for a swim with him, and sometimes more than one hundred would go for a swim at the same time. The good thing about living today is that thanks to the winter swimming pool enclosures, much more democratically, the pleasure that was once an exclusive privilege of kings and emperors is now accessible to everyone. Perhaps having one hundred bodyguards isn’t necessary, but the winter swimming pool enclosures enable you to organise a fantastic swim in the pool with friends at any time.

Indeed, the swimming pool is no longer something that hibernates in September and wakes up at the end of the spring. Thanks to the winter swimming pool enclosures, you can use it for longer periods during the year, and save a lot of energy. Thanks to the telescopic system, the swimming pool is ready immediately, it is always available, easy to put into use. Today with the winter swimming pool enclosures it is easier said than done: one movement is enough to slide the protective enclosure off the water, put it in its special casing so that the swimming pool is ready for you to jump in. No complications, only simplifications. Longer seasons to enjoy a swim. Saving energy is guaranteed with the winter swimming pool enclosures, seeing as the water that is heated by the sun in the day stays warm longer, and the swimming pool enclosure stops the heat being lost at night. Furthermore, there is no longer any tedious maintenance work to be done when the swimming pool is started up, just the bear minimum has to be done to keep it clean and to control the water cycle. You won’t have to worry about any debris floating on the surface or that sinks to the bottom, such as leaves, grass, paper blown by the wind or animals. With the winter swimming pool enclosures you will be able to sleep peacefully. If water has always been a source of tranquillity and pleasure for man, since ancient times, why not enjoy the fact that there is a telescopic enclosure system today that provides you with the best freedom of use and quality well-being guarantees?