Enclosure guide


Having the chance to build a swimming pool doesn’t mean to say that you don’t need to cut down on the expenses incurred in the accessories needed to round it off, or to make it more practical and useable, and therefore more cost-effective when it is used more often. The great success of the low-cost swimming pool enclosures designed for COVERTTO customers is explained here. To meet the needs of those who get into the world of swimming pool enclosures with a smaller budget, COVERTTO has prepared an extensive catalogue of cheaper solutions, which are just as reliable, in terms of quality, usability and safety. In fact, the cheaper COVERTTO swimming pool enclosures are on par with the standard enclosures, apart from the price, and they are definitely more affordable. In spite of the fact that they are cheaper, the catalogue of the structures proposed is particularly extensive and varied for the cheaper enclosures as well. The solutions available range from the low telescopic swimming pool enclosures, with or without guide rails, to enclosures for outdoors SPAs, from full height telescopic swimming pool enclosures to full height fixed enclosures. They all comply with the best standards established by the latest European safety regulations and the warranty is directly supplied by the manufacturer, which provides customers with a peace of mind and the assurance that they are buying a product that is at the forefront of technology in all respects.

Ideal to guarantee the maximum performance in terms of efficient protection against objects or animals getting into the swimming pool, and it is also a valuable protective shield against the elements. The low-cost swimming pool enclosures also take up the minimum amount of space thanks to the practical systems used by COVERTTO to set up the telescopic enclosure structure and pull it back until the next use when it is temporarily not needed. With the help of practical twin wheels – or special guide rails for the specific types of low enclosures– your own inexpensive swimming pool enclosure can be set up in just a few simple steps quickly in a protected area to enjoy nice relaxing moments by the pool, where you can swim in total peace, even in the middle of a storm or a snowfall without having to worry about the weather outside. The same money saving principle provided by the COVERTTO enclosures is not limited to small or very small systems, it also applies to large swimming pools, even public swimming pools, and the full height and fixed telescopic swimming pool enclosures. Pretty, practical, functional, versatile, bright, sturdy, durable, innovative, technological, well-designed, easy to install and remove, but with the biggest cost adjustment possible!