Enclosure guide


The first picture that comes to mind when outdoor swimming pool enclosures are mentioned, almost always, is related to a spacious housing solution perhaps in the hills or the mountains, or in any case with enough outdoor space to decorate a beautiful swimming pool for when you relax and unwind. A lovely villa in the countryside with a swimming pool is in fact probably the most common recurrent image, but the contexts in which the  outdoor swimming pool enclosures are perfectly adapted are the most diverse either in terms of landscaping or the anticipated and objective use of it by users. Among the facilities that most lend themselves to be complemented by setting up an outdoor swimming pool enclosure, are the large swimming pools for example used for public swimming pools, whether they are part of sports centres, whose structures are used for leisure or well-being, amusement parks, spas, restaurants, tourist residential complexes and hotel resorts or wellness centres. Thanks to the expert skills of the technical team of the company that manufactures outdoor swimming pool enclosures under the brand name COVERTTO, which is endorsed by years of experience acquired in the specialised sector, each public or private customer, owners of the most  diverse models of swimming pools can request a customized project to meet their specific technical and environmental needs.

Sizes, sliding characteristics of the panels – with or without special guide rails – and other parameters such as the height of the enclosure, the colour of the arches and the possible inclusion of entrance doors and/or safety exits, are just some of the main aspects that COVERTTO carefully assesses together with its customers in order to supply a turnkey product that meets as many of the customer’s expectations as possible. From the design stage to installing the structure, the guaranteed direct technical assistance in the after-sales service by the manufacturer itself, along with the warrantee of a high-tech product certified pursuant to the latest European regulatory criteria on safety and quality, the  telescopic enclosures for outdoor swimming pools that take shape in the production lines at the COVERTTO facilities are the best that you could ever wish for to give your swimming pool a touch of class. Designed to protect the pool from any external agent and therefore withstand any type of stress better –especially adverse weather conditions, it is like a protective shield against rain, storms and snow– the enclosures for outdoor swimming pools from COVERTTO are made with the best materials available on the market in terms of safety and also with regard to the performance of the features in terms of lightness and design. In the proposed solutions, special attention is always paid to the choice of the structure, which blends in the best with the surrounding landscape and architecture, and emphasis is therefore placed on another factor – anything but secondary –the aesthetic taste.