Enclosure guide


The restaurant is one of those occupations where it is essential to run the interior areas carefully, because this is where the work of the people who move and walk among the tables is done, because it is here that the customers want peace, to relax, to really enjoy what they are eating.

However it is also important to carefully look at the outdoor areas.
Whether it is a restaurant beside the sea, in the city, in the countryside, one of its most valuable assets that it benefits from are the views. Spaces that are in particular areas or on roads or in courtyards. Spaces that, if they are used properly and are protected with a specific enclosure system for restaurants, become essential for the development of the business activity associated with hospitality.

A larger useful area, connected to the restaurant, is in fact an important resource that favours new and interesting developments.

Either because with the restaurant enclosures these areas can be protected, and on certain occasions, when the business establishment is practically full, new waiting areas can be created, perhaps new tables and chairs can be added without affecting the quality of the premises.

Or because with the restaurant enclosures the hospitality activity can carry on 365 days of the year, both in the summer and the winter season.

Indeed, the restaurant enclosures provide shade from the sun and they are impervious to the rain, the snow and they provide protection from the wind. They are easy to install and they are designed to comply with the specific space requirements of each restaurant. In fact, they can be custom made to cater to the needs of each restaurant better.

The restaurant enclosures do not require any specific work to set them up because their telescopic system is particularly light and their structure is extremely simple. The telescopic system can be closed up inside special casing and in can be opened up in a single step whenever necessary by just one person.

Very simple, the restaurant enclosures are the most practical and functional solutions because with just one movement they solve many problems that outdoor areas cause for restaurants.

The restaurant enclosures are pretty and practical: they enhance the work potential of the restaurant by creating new dining areas, with new business and income opportunities.