Enclosure guide


If you think that the passion for water and the desire to swim is a recent craze, from our times, you are mistaken. Especially considering that the most daring swimming pool designers and those who spread the passion for them all over the world, were our Roman ancestors. They used them to keep fit and have fun, and it was they who, to this end, built swimming pools and baths in each city or town. Just imagine, the citizens of Rome had about 800 facilities between the baths and swimming pools available to use, some of which were of a truly spectacular size, big enough for more than a thousand people to use at the same time. While in ancient Greece swimming pools were considered to be an additional part of gyms, in ancient Rome, it was exactly the opposite. The Pompeii excavations brought to light countless public and private swimming pools that were lavishly decorated, which points to the fact that swimming was almost an infatuation for the Romans. They used to say that an uneducated man “did not know how to read or swim”. All this fervour for swimming then disappeared until the beginning of the 800, when it was revived by the English, whose extraordinary enthusiasm was attributed to the mix of Roman and Nordic blood. Today this passion has been rekindled and it has been revamped according to the customs and uses of life today, and it is spreading increasingly more and acquiring huge groups of users. Of course, the arrival of significant and interesting innovations has contributed to the fact that swimming pools for domestic use, sports centres or clubs are even more accessible and useable. The swimming pool enclosure with a telescopic system is the cheapest and most flexible solution to solve numerous problems related to using the swimming pool.

The swimming pool enclosure, ensures easier hygiene and cleanliness of the swimming pool, together with huge energy savings, because at night it stops the heat being lost, which accumulates during the day due to the sunlight. Furthermore, the swimming pool enclosure cuts down on the work required to start up the pool in the spring, because it stays open 365 days a year, extending the periods when it can be used, even in the dead seasons, when swimming is just a memory, that is to say, in spring or at the end of the summer. Furthermore, the swimming pool enclosure is easy to use: because the telescopic system opens right away and it goes over the swimming pool automatically, no technicians are required, anyone can carry out the operation at any time. If the Romans were thrilled about the water, who knows what they would have done to have a swimming pool enclosure system that is so easy and cheap to run.