Enclosure guide


The use of private swimming pools throughout the year is becoming increasingly more popular, even if it is still far removed from the European standards, in particular the British and the Germans. The need to make the most of domestic swimming pools is also spreading increasingly more in Spain. The use of the telescopic swimming pool enclosure system has contributed to this considerably, because it is simple and brilliant, it makes it much easier, cheaper and more practical to run a swimming pool. Until recently the swimming pool was a prerogative of exclusive houses or villas of the highest quality, often used to entertain high class foreigners (from English speaking countries or the Scandinavians), but it has gradually spread to middle-high class residential homes as well. Houses or villas with a garden, both in urban and rural areas, have had their market value increased considerably by investing in a swimming pool. The telescopic swimming pool enclosures have solved many problems related to the daily use of swimming pools, especially those related to cleaning them and their upkeep, which is, in short, the most expensive and tedious part of having a pool.

Moreover, with the telescopic swimming pool enclosures, another decisive aspect has improved, namely energy saving. The virtuous cycle that is created with the telescopic enclosures makes better use of what today is the best and the cleanest source of energy: the sun. Thanks to the clean power of its rays, the water heats up during the day, and thanks to the telescopic enclosure systems, the heat is not lost at night, when the minimum temperature drops considerably. The temperature of the water remains pleasant for longer, even in the off-season. The advantage of having a house with a swimming pool that has a telescopic enclosure is that it can be used for longer; not only in the classic summer period, but also in the spring, September and October. We are also quite happy to stay at home more often because the swimming pool benefits our well-being, comfort and relaxation for longer. Instead of having the stress of getting out of the city on the weekend, the swimming pool is already ready to welcome you, with a simple movement, effortlessly, it is ready immediately to be used. With the “bellows” mechanism, the telescopic pool enclosure disappears in special casing that takes up very little space and it has minimal impact on the appearance of the area, it is always located somewhere convenient near the house. Simply brilliant.