Enclosure guide


In a world that changes without warning, especially when it comes to the economy and commerce, where business are growing increasingly more every day, it is essential to be able to act quickly and determine the demands related to the emerging needs as best as possible. In this day and age you have to adapt the solutions to the needs quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Thanks to this philosophy, the idea of the telescopic enclosures has become increasingly more successful; it is a remarkable system, so simple and practical, to protect activities and secure business. Commercial, industrial and artisan activities that are faced with the needs related to expanding on and developing their work and, at the same time, they have to protect them in a practical, efficient and convenient way.

Outdoor furniture, small kiosks or booths outdoors, swimming pools or hot tubs, or outdoor areas in general where restaurant, bar or “fitness” activities are carried out.

Because they have grown and need more space, because they are related to seasonal activities or simply because their activity needs an open area that can be enclosed and opened up immediately and easily. In this case, the telescopic enclosures for outdoors are the best option in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Effective because each season, in the summer and in the winter, they guarantee the perfect waterproofing of the area underneath, which is protected from the elements and also the sun. Furthermore in the winter they also ensure better upkeep and shelter from the rain, snow and the cold.

Efficient because with just one single step, the telescopic system can be pulled out to get the desired protection.

Small when the structure is pulled back, low impact aesthetically, extremely easy to pull out. It is practically universal, seeing as it can be adapted to meet the needs of any type of business activity, thanks to the modularity of the system, it is good value for money, quality and performance. Simple to install. The enclosure system for outdoor areas is guaranteed over time and it has been designed in compliance with the standards governing enclosures for commercial, industrial and artisan activities.

Don’t hesitate if you need to change or make progress in your work or activity, because the solution is really just around the corner, or rather, right above you. Just look up to discover that the telescopic enclosures are a practical and convenient system that meets all your needs.