Because its team is made up of technicians with proven experience in the sector.

Because it offers the builder’s direct guarantee.

Because its aluminium profiles are sized in collaboration with technicians from Europe’s most important aluminium extrusion companies.

Because of the possibility of customising your aluminium cover and enclosure: measurements, profile colour, plastic or glass panels, manual or motorised opening, type of doors and windows.

Because you can choose between a solution with or without a ground rail.

Because our Technical Department can develop a complete project.

Because we have hundreds of installations across the European Community.

Because we have a network of collaborators throughout Spain.

Because it prevents leaves and insects from getting in.

Because it guarantees the safety of your children and pets.

Because it guarantees a 50% saving on chemical products for the maintenance of your pool.

Because it raises water temperature between 10 and 12ºC.

Because our staff will be at your disposal for any after-sales services.

Because it prolongs the period of use of the pool. Uncovered pool: JUNE – AUGUST (90 days).

Pool with Telescopic Cover: MARCH – OCTOBER (240 days). Pool with Telescopic Cover and Heat Pump: ALL YEAR ROUND (365 days).